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Group Rules & Guidelines

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 24, 2010, 4:14 PM

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How to Join

:bulletgreen: This is the real easiest part... just click the "Join this Group" button at the top, and you will be automatically accepted. From then you can participate in all activities here (submit, contests,...).

How to Submit

:bulletgreen: Members can send us 2 submissions per week. This to not spam our members/watchers with too many deviations. We won't really check it, but please keep that restriction in mind!!
:bulletgreen: Submissions have to be done in the correct month folder or they will be declined! Easiest is to go to the box of the month at the left of the main page, there click the "browse" button to see all. Then there click the "+" button at the top right and select your deviation to contribute.
:bulletgreen: Only submit your best work!! Quality counts here, not quantity!!

How to Enter a Contest

:bulletgreen: ONLY MEMBERS of the group can participate in a contest. See how to join this group in instructions above.
:bulletgreen: Contribute your entries to the contest entries folder in the gallery. You can do so via the button at the top, or via the box at the left of the main page with the entries so far.
:bulletgreen: After the entry deadline, we will make a blog/news with all the entries and give them a number for the voting.

How to Vote for a Contest

Coming soon...

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